Prof finds fake bills in bag

Brian Close

University chemistry professor Wayland Noland found an interesting treasure walking through East River Flats Park on Sunday: a grocery bag filled with $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.
But upon closer examination, Noland discovered the money was counterfeit; the bills were printed on paper lighter in color than legal tender. Many were not cut and separated, and some were printed with heads on both sides, he said.
“There was one crumpled five that looked very realistic, except they left a little white edge,” Noland said. “The stuff they had there would probably easily pass in a bar, where it’s dark.”
In addition to the bills, Noland said the bag contained a substance that looked like marijuana.
Noland called the FBI, and then turned the bag over to the University Police.

In other police news:
ù When University Police officers approached a suspicious vehicle Friday in a parking lot at Second Street Southeast and West River Parkway, the driver attempted to leave the lot.
Confronting the driver, 50-year-old Chinyelu Hondo, police found he had a revoked driver’s license. While searching the car, officers also found a rock of suspected crack cocaine.
The substance tested positive for cocaine, and Hondo was arrested and charged with fifth-degree felony possession of a controlled substance.

ù Squirrels on campus might be in serious danger, according to police reports.
University Police Officer Kris Tyra reported that a man walking his dog near Elliot Hall on Nov. 3 found a set squirrel trap under a milk carton.
The man told Tyra that the trap was the second he had found in the area.

ù University Police responded to a call on Nov. 1 from a female University student reporting a peeping Tom was looking in her Frontier Hall bedroom window.
Megan Burkhammer, who was working at Frontier’s front desk, went to the victim’s second floor room and saw the man looking inside.
“We were in shock,” she said. “It was so amazing that he wasn’t running away, but just staring back at us.”
University Police officers searched the area, but could not locate the man, who Burkhammer said was wearing hospital scrubs.