Four charged in rape, theft

Kamariea Forcier

Four St. Paul men were charged Monday in Hennepin County in connection with a University-area rape and burglary incident on Oct. 8.
Police have charged Antonio D. Burton, 20; Puiassance J. Andersen, 20; Victor M. Porter, 20; and Giezwa P. Andersen, 19, with 13 felony counts stemming from the incident at 1725 Elm St. S.E.
According to the complaint, one of the three women living at the Elm Street apartment awoke when two unknown men told her to keep her mouth shut and demanded money from her. The woman, identified as C.J., then heard one of her roommates, R.G., scream.
R.G. awoke when a man held a knife to her face and told her he would kill her if she screamed. The man demanded cash from her. The woman who shares a bedroom with her, K.L., was also awoken by a strange man.
The men forced R.G. and K.L. into the other bedroom, where they demanded that all three women lie on the floor. The men then covered the women’s heads with a blanket.
According to the complaint, one man raped two of the women while the other men searched the apartment for money and other valuable property. One man demanded the keys to and location of R.G.’s car.
After the men left the apartment, the three women called the police. Minneapolis officers found a television set and two steak knives in the parking lot outside the apartment building.
Minnesota police linked Burton and Puiassance Andersen to the Minneapolis incident after an Eau Claire County, Wis., sheriff stopped Burton and Andersen following a high speed car chase Wednesday.
Wisconsin officers discovered the car driven by Burton and Andersen was stolen. They also found stolen stereo equipment and jewelry in the car, as well as a 6 inch dagger hidden underneath the passenger’s seat.
Burton and Andersen are scheduled to appear before an Eau Claire Circuit Court Judge today on charges of eluding police, auto theft, obstructing an officer, possession of stolen property and carrying a concealed weapon.
Hennepin County officials said they have not extradited the two men to Minnesota yet, but they plan to do so in the near future.
After obtaining a search warrant for Burton’s St. Paul apartment, police arrested Victor M. Porter. Prior to the rape and burglary incident, all four men had been seen at the apartment.
Puiassance Andersen’s brother, Giezwa P. Andersen, was also charged in connection with the Oct. 8 incident in Minneapolis. An arrest warrant has been issued for Giezwa Andersen, who has not yet been arrested.
According to the complaint, Minneapolis police suspect Burton of the rapes because of a witnesses’ statements.
Burton has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Ramsey County stemming from a September car theft incident.
Porter also has an outstanding Ramsey County arrest warrant from Sept. 13 for charges of criminal sexual conduct involving a minor.
All four men were charged with felony crimes in Minnesota and could face prison and/or heavy fines.