Students hope to relaunch magazine

Matthew Gruchow

The Minnesota International Student Association hopes to relaunch a free magazine next month offering news, issues and politics for foreign students.

The magazine, “The International Student,” stopped publishing several years ago, said Indian Student Association Vice President Manish Prahladka, an editor and writer for the magazine.

“This was a trademark project for MISA,” Prahladka said. “There’s no reason this magazine should be stopped.”

The new magazine will also highlight services for foreign students and educate readers about interesting cultures, he said.

While it will be available for no charge on University campuses, the publication will offer subscriptions and will be published twice a year, he said.

“Right now, there are a lot of international issues that people need to be aware of,” Prahladka said. “(Students) know that they can be a part of this process, and if they can be a part of the international community at the University, it will be great for them.”

The international student association will fund the magazine’s budget initially, Prahladka said.

Organizers said they hope the budget can increase to as much as $10,000 with the help of advertising, scholarships and donations.

Prahladka said the magazine is important to him because it will fuel needed dialogue on international issues.

“I want people to be involved,” he said. “I don’t want people to be like bookworms and just keep to themselves. They should open up and talk to other people.”

Prahladka said the magazine will work with the University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication on its editing and publishing. Prahladka said he does not know whether writers and editors will be paid for their work.

Up to six members will serve on the publication’s editorial board, he said.

Although the magazine will be directed to international students, all students and faculty members are welcome to submit material, he said.

Aditya Malhotra, the international student association’s vice president, said the magazine should bring international students together and motivate them to get involved in the community.

“It will probably make the campus more aware of our presence around here,” Malhotra said. “We’re trying to get the word out that international students are making a difference on this campus.”

He said students are better served when they learn about other cultures and are involved in cultural activities.

“Everyone gets informed about the different countries and what is happening on campus and how they can be involved in those activities even if they’re not from the same country or ethnic background,” he said.

Malik Harfi, an Al-Madinah Cultural Center member and a sophomore biomedical student, said there is a lack of communication between international students.

“There’s not a forum for international students to gather around,” Harfi said. “Something of this sort is overdue.”