Freedom of speech still has boundaries

All students must operate within student conduct code.

This note is to address the letter to the editor written by Bill Gilles and Sean Neimic in the September 28 edition of the MN Daily, âÄúUniversity silences conservatives, turns blind eye to law-breaking leftists.âÄù All University of Minnesota students and student organizations are held accountable for violations of the Student Conduct Code. Contrary to the statements in the Gilles/Neimic letter, the actions by the Students for a Democratic Society at this yearâÄôs convocation are being addressed by both Student Unions & Activities (for the organization) and the Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (for the individuals). The process for reviewing these actions is the same as that used in reviewing the disruptive actions last May of the organization which Gilles and Neimic represent. At the September 3 convocation President Bruininks diffused a tense situation by affirming that the University of Minnesota strongly supports freedom of speech. However, his comments did not imply that students or student organizations were immune to the consequences of illegal behavior. While the University welcomes a diversity of opinions and perspectives, it requires that all students and organizations operate within the student conduct code and state and federal laws. Jerry Rinehart Vice Provost for Student Affairs Please send comments to [email protected]