Perot’s dance cardis mighty empty

DALLAS (AP) — Ross Perot, who advocates a shorter campaign period, is cutting his own to the bone. With only one month left until Election Day, the Texan’s calendar of public events is almost bare.
He is still getting on television, though not as often as he would like. And as the race enters the home stretch, he has only one announced public appearance, before the World Affairs Council on Oct. 22 in Los Angeles.
“We hope within the next couple of days to put out a full calendar. We’ve got 28 days. That’s plenty,” she added.
Holman described the promised program as vaguely similar to the campaign trail traveled by traditional candidates, though without scheduled news conferences.
“It’ll be a combination of rallies and 30-minute infomercials,” she said, adding that Perot had approved a proposed schedule that would be released today.
Since Perot accepted the Reform Party nomination Aug. 18, he has had only one rally and has had no question-and-answer news conferences with reporters. He has made fewer than one appearance each week, traveling in his own corporate jet and using his own security rather than the Secret Service.