College football and academic support

Sheldon Gitis

In the latest âÄúRappinâÄô with RobertâÄù PR puke in the Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks claims that the University raised 60% of the cost of the TCF Bank Gopher Football Stadium. He then states that the money raised by slapping on an ugly TCF Bank sign, extorting money from the casino industry, and through other private sources, totaled $90 million. How does Bruininks figure that $90 million is 60% of the cost of the $300 million football stadium? Apparently, he arrives at that figure by adding $70 million in âÄúacademic supportâÄù to the $90 million raised for construction. I suspect the so-called âÄúacademic supportâÄù might more accurately be termed âÄúkickbacksâÄù from construction contractors and other vested interests. Conflating college football with academic support is absurd. Sheldon Gitis Alumnus