Whose Diversity? protest misses the mark

On Monday, 13 people were arrested after they occupied University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler’s office. The protesters were warned they’d be arrested if they didn’t leave the premises by 6 p.m. They had the option to leave without going to jail, but they didn’t take it, seemingly on the principle of wanting to “legitimize” their activism.

While some of the diversity-related changes the protesters want are admirable, conversation regarding the issues is stymied by their resolution that Kaler immediately adopt their “demands.”

As Kaler said in a statement, “Addressing these issues requires partnerships, all parties working together to achieve a common goal.”

However, ignoring requests to leave — and then asking for donations to help pay for bail — is a poor way to make a cause heard and spur cooperation. We urge Whose Diversity? to find a more constructive way to foster dialogue instead of continuing to make “demands” and get arrested.