Laundry Money

The high life for pocket change

by Justin Flower

With summer kicking into full swing and money running out, you might need a couple suggestions on fun things to do with only a little bit of cash.

Get out the charcoal briquettes, because everyone’s going to be grilling. A cheap, fun afternoon can be had by bringing along one useful ingredient: beer.

Buy the cheapest and easiest-to-share beer you can find. Premium or PBR cans are always welcome at a BBQ. Make friends at the grill and get fed all afternoon. It gets even cheaper if you bring a friend along who can pitch in on the initial investment.

If you can’t afford beer, go for bratwursts and buns; you’ll be able to have a couple for yourself and trade the others for some alcoholic beverages, chips, potato salad or fun summertime conversation with the cute bathing-suit-clad girl who had been eyeing your meat.

Go to the beach, work on your tan and hang out with friends. You’ll only be able to do this for another three months, so get out there; everyone else is.