Caucuses kick off state election process locally

Local community centers, churches and schools will host political caucuses at 7 p.m. today, marking the first step in the state election process.
More than 8,000 caucuses in Minnesota provide the first opportunity for the public to influence party endorsements for various offices, both local and statewide.
There will be places near the campus for the University community to participate.
Delegates chosen at the caucuses tonight will then attend their party’s district or county caucuses. There, delegates are selected to go to state conventions, where they vote on candidates for party endorsement.
The local caucuses also provide an opportunity for anyone who is interested in the political process to get involved at the grassroots level.
In many precincts, there is room for anyone to become a delegate to the next level.
Chris Tierney, president of the College Reform Party at the University, said the Reform Party caucuses offer that opportunity.
“If anybody is interested in getting involved, they are just about guaranteed a spot as a delegate,” he said.
Tierney said it is important for everyone to come out to show support for their candidates.
Joby Sebastian, vice-chairman of the College Republicans, agreed it is very important for supporters to go to the caucus.
“It is a good opportunity for people to get involved with politics and see who is representing them and who their future representatives are,” he said.
Candidates for the Legislature will receive their party’s endorsement at the next caucus, the regional or district caucus, while candidates for Congress are endorsed at the following congressional caucus.

— Brian Close