Model Behavior

Tearra Rosario walks the walk and then some.

by Sally Hedberg

Runway fashion is primarily about the clothing designers, but it couldnâÄôt exist without particularly tall and exquisite human beings called models.

The plight of the runway model is a tale not oft divulged (âÄúAmericaâÄôs Next Top ModelâÄù definitely doesnâÄôt count). Those employed by their own beauty remain cloaked in mystery, leaving others to cling to half-truths and generalizations like âÄúmodels enjoy saladâÄù or âÄúrock stars like to date themâÄù or âÄúmodels are not intelligent.âÄù

Local model and musician Tearra Rosario is ready to set the record straight.

What to the average unaware showgoer might seem like one showcased night of âÄúwalking,âÄù begins far in advance.

âÄúPreparing for a fashion show is actually craziness,âÄù Rosario said. âÄúIt really all starts with the fittings, sometimes months in advance when pieces might not even be finished. But itâÄôs also a form of acting, of portraying the aura of a line.âÄù

Rosario would know, as her career has placed her in the clothing of nearly every hyped Minneapolis designer.

Viewing modeling as acting is an intriguing lens to adopt, but a logical one. ItâÄôs understandable that the powerful, feminine vibe of someone like Danielle Everine would provoke a different performance than something a little more dark and edgy like that of Minneapolis expat Niki English. ItâÄôs something that Rosario has to construct herself: method modeling.

âÄúI always like to ask a lot of questions,âÄù Rosario said. âÄúThe designers are very vocal, and I think theyâÄôre excited to talk about it. They want to be sure that we know, that we understand what theyâÄôre trying to communicate.âÄù

The relationships established from such an invested approach to her work end up being mutually beneficial for someone also incorporated in the music scene.

Before she was ever encouraged to audition for an open model call for a RaâÄômon- Lawrence show, Rosario was a musician (you may recall her stint as the fiery frontwoman of Radio Killers).

Her current endeavor, Bomba, fuses traditional Puerto Rican music and dance with a more modern approach. SheâÄôs in the process of releasing an EP titled âÄúArt ProjectsâÄù wherein each time she drops a track, she challenges herself to complete an art project (e.g. making her own traditional Bomba skirt).

By wearing local designers onstage, sheâÄôs both transferring a more theatrical approach to her music and also fueling the continued support of the very fashion community that puts food in her fridge.

âÄúI really want people to think of it as art,âÄù Rosario said. âÄúI want to get people thinking about who made it and what they are about.âÄù

ItâÄôs clear that Tearra Rosario is hardly âÄújust a model.âÄù The University of Minnesota graduate is intelligent, business-minded and pursuing every possible realm of a modeling career.

In addition to music and runway modeling, sheâÄôs landed national commercial gigs and holds yet another position in television at âÄúShop NBC.âÄù Though sheâÄôs happy, comfortable and living out her dream, she still fantasizes about hitting the big time.

âÄúI would love to walk for Oscar de la Renta,âÄù Rosario said. âÄúHe does so many beautiful, flowy dresses. ItâÄôd be like there was a fan constantly blowing your hair.âÄù

International fashion house or Minneapolis runway, TearraâÄôs working harder than ever, proving that while she may be exceptionally gorgeous, sheâÄôs got a lot more to offer than just her pretty face.