Stadium Village is a popular hangout for students on U campus

Molly Moker

After a four-month search, University student Amanda Kirk finally signed the lease for a house in Stadium Village.

The grueling search was worth it, Kirk said, in order to live in the area.

“I like the atmosphere as well as the looseness to campus,” she said. “You can walk to your classes and it’s close to bus stops for St. Paul.”

Kirk, who will be living in Stadium Village for her third year, is one of many students who find the area near campus alluring.

“It’s my favorite area because it’s convenient,” Abby Meyer, a fourth-year medical student said. “It has everything I need.”

Stadium Village, dubbed for its location on the old Memorial Stadium site, is one of the most popular student hangouts on the University campus.

The area boasts more than 90 businesses, including bars and hair salons, and mixes corporate chains and independent businesses, said Brad Mateer, president of the Stadium Village Commercial Association.

“The density of restaurants in the area is very good,” he said. “We have a lot of fantastic independent restaurants as well as franchises.”

The Neon Sun tanning salon and On-the-Go PC, a computer store, are Stadium Village’s newest business additions, Mateer said.

For restaurants, Noodles & Company and Applebee’s were added within the last year, he said.

Stadium Village’s proximity to campus and location in front of the superblock are the area’s best features, Mateer said.

Harvard Market, which has two branches in the area, won a Minnesota Daily Grapevine Award this year when students voted it best campus convenience store.

The bustle of Stadium Village attracts many patrons.

“There are a lot of people here, a lot of different things,” said Kari Pederson, a recent University graduate. “It’s a great place to people-watch.”

Pederson said she enjoys the area because of the stores’ prices. Most places in the area charge less than Coffman Union, she said.

At night, Pederson said Dinkytown might be more popular, but during the day, Stadium Village is always busy.

Even so, Pederson said she and her friends enjoy hanging out at Sally’s Saloon & Eatery or Stub & Herb’s to play pool or watch sporting events on television.

Kirk said she likes Stadium Village because the area is safe.

“I walk through the area every night and I always feel really safe,” Kirk said. “I’ve never felt threatened by anything because it’s so well-lit.”

The wide variety of restaurants is also a drawing point for Kirk.