Speedy Ortiz blazing a trail to the 7th Street Entry

by Zach Simon

Speedy Ortiz is a hard band to catch, not only in their fast-paced fret work, but also as they busily zip cross country from one show to the next. These hard-rocking Bay Staters are making 7th Street Entry their next stop as a part of a monster tour that started in December and won’t rest until it consumes most of their 2014 schedule.

Luckily, lead singer Sadie Dupuis was so kind as to speak to me about the Speedy’s journey thus far into the musical wilderness as she simultaneously traversed the barren wastes of Middle-O-Nowhere, North Dakota. She explained how the collaboration had originated as a product of the four artists, Mike Falcone, Matt Robidoux, Darl Ferm and herself, coming together while in different bands around Massachusetts. When their previous projects decided to part ways, the four stayed together under the Speedy banner.

“That was almost two and a half years ago and we've probably played about four hundred shows at this point,” Dupuis said. “Maybe 420.”

From the sweet stylings of Angel Olsen to the down-right strange musings of the Savage Young Taterbug, these ground-shakers pulls influence from an eclectic variety of sources, and mostly attributes their inspiration to whatever they are currently listening to. Having played a handful of gigs in Minnesota, Dupuis illustrated the groups affection for many bands, specifically Minnesota locals that include Tuesday’s openers Tungsten and Bitter Cannon, as well as other acts like Now Now and Takers.

According to Dupuis, their newest EP, “Real Hair,” takes its message from “having low-to-no self-esteem and suddenly finding myself in a position of being written about and photographed.” Describing herself as a “homebody,” this transition was (and still is) challenging, but has given the crawling bass, rampaging guitar licks and intricately blunt lyrics a complimentary edge to hone itself against.

What: Speedy Ortiz
When: Tuesday 7:30 p.m.
Where: 7th Street Entry, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis
Cost: $8-10