Act on transportation in Minnesota in 2014

The broad, statewide support shown at Transportation Day at the Capitol sends a strong message to legislators that it’s time to make transportation a priority in Minnesota.

I and other volunteers with the Sierra Club North Star Chapter met with legislators and asked them to support a more balanced and long-term transportation funding package that will allow for greater investments in Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure.

Minnesota needs better options for walking and bicycling, ensuring that more people have opportunities to walk and bike safely and conveniently. Providing safe roads that connect livable communities will give Minnesotans more choices where to live and work. The demand for bicycle and walking connections is up, yet the current level of funding for the expansion of bike and walk infrastructure can only complete a small portion of the planned projects.

Bicycling and walking are affordable transportation options, and they provide access to physical activity, socializing and commuting. A system that forces travelers to drive for trips that they would prefer to make or would be more efficient to make by bicycling or walking is not a balanced system. We need to invest in these desirable transportation options so more people can walk or bike on their next journey, rather than drive.

We need to keep the momentum from Transportation Day at the Capitol going. I urge you to contact your legislators and ask them to support a comprehensive and sustainable transportation funding package in 2014.