Employee car mysteriously painted

The case is under investigation.

Simon Benarroch

A University of Minnesota employee found his car mysteriously covered in paint near Mariucci Arena last week.

Paul Andersen, an information technology professional, returned to his car at 5 p.m.  on July 3 after finishing work at the School of Dentistry and found it covered in paint, according to a police report.

Andersen said he’d been parked all day in the lot located behind Mariucci Arena. The report also said a can of spray paint was on the ground near the car.

The paint wasn’t immediately visible, he said, but he could feel it when he ran his hand across it.

Andersen said he also saw broken glass scattered around the adjacent parking space.

The day had been very windy, and unsettled paint may have blown onto his car from one parked nearby.

Andersen thus thought his car may not have been the intended target.

University police Lt. Troy Buhta,  however, didn’t find any property damage reports possibly related to Andersen’s incident.

Buhta said Andersen’s situation is rare for the lot due to its proximity to Fifth Street Southeast.  Heavy traffic tends to lessen the chances of those types of crimes, he said.

 The case is under investigation.