An effective lack of communication: Silence 4 Change event Thursday

Nickalas Tabbert

Verbal communication is an effective tool for promoting change.  But sometimes doing the opposite can be just as effective.

Thursday marks the first ever "Silence 4 Change" event at the University of Minnesota.  The event, sponsored by Omega Psi Phi fraternity Inc. and Phi Beta Sigma fraternity Inc., runs all day and will conclude with a light visual behind Coffman Memorial Union at 9:30 p.m.

No verbal social conversation is allowed for participants, except when necessary for school or work, said Beh Gaye, president of Phi Beta Sigma.  Texting, tweeting, and use of social media is allowed.

Participants can take a vow of silence for whatever cause they choose, Gaye said.  Some causes include homophobia awareness, the conflicts in Palestine, and the murder of Trayvon Martin. 

Tonight at Coffman, attendees will have the chance to share their stories with the help of candlelight.