Minnesota reports 12-year high in job openings

Nicolas Hallett

Soon-to-be University of Minnesota graduates can rejoice as it appears a high volume of in-state jobs are available, the Pioneer Press reported on Wednesday.

In this year’s second quarter, Minnesota employers advertised 72,570 job openings — the most in 12 years — according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

The new data shows a 15.3 percent increase compared to this time last year, CBS Minnesota reported.

“This increase in job vacancy numbers offers fresh evidence that the economy is recovering rapidly from the recession,” Katie Clark Sieben, the department's commissioner, told the Star Tribune. “Minnesota employers are feeling confident about the economy and are looking for people to fill their open positions.”

But a majority of the jobs are part-time, low-paying positions — $12.50 was the median wage for the vacancies.