Soundset 2014 quick takeaways

by Spencer Doar

Another day of hip-hop in Shakopee bites the dust — and there was a lot of dust.  Here are some of A&E’s findings from the seventh Soundset hip-hop festival.

-Wiz Khalifa, in Texan police custody as of the morning, was able to get out, hitch a ride on a private jet and make the show on time. It lent urgent energy to his potent set.  His backing band aided tremendously. 

-Prof, much like Diplo when he performs as Major Lazer, proved yet again that he knows how to create a party atmosphere (confetti included). 

-The plastic picnic table situation was far from sturdy.  Multiple collapses throughout the day. 

-The part in G-Eazy’s hair bordered perfection. 

-Sway spent the day losing his voice hosting. 

-Gracious winds allowed, unlike last year, for the free flow of inflatable novelty products. 

-The only thing more pervasive than the smell of marijuana was the fine layer of dusty particulate kicked up by the 30,000 people occupying Canterbury’s dry fairground. 

-Nas is Nas for a reason.  As weird as it is to consider that “Illmatic” turned 20, hearing its tracks from the horse’s mouth was a treat.   

-If you had a nickel for every, “Put your hands in the air!” uttered, you’d have enough for one of Soundset’s ballpark-priced libations (read: expensive).   

-Dem Atlas crushed a guitar, and his set, at noon with a combination of endearing joviality and sing-song flow.

-Live, 2 Chainz was more hype man than performer. 

-If a graphic T pertaining to hip-hop exists, someone at Soundset was wearing it.