MNsure accounts reach 10,000

by Tyler Gieseke

More than 10,000 accounts were created on Minnesota's online health insurance exchange during the first 10 days of its operation, news sources reported Friday, although the program won't release numbers on how many people enrolled in health plans until next week.

MNsure, which began operation Oct. 1, said Minnesota is now the "Land of 10,000 MNsure Accounts," the Associated Press reported.

As of Wednesday afternoon, about 8,000 accounts had been opened, the Pioneer Press said.


The exchange won't reveal how many people have signed up for insurance plans until Wednesday, the Pioneer Press said.


The program needs time to be sure it doesn't double-count some users signing up for coverage, according to the Pioneer Press.


"We do know there are some individuals that have submitted multiple applications," MNsure's executive director, April Todd-Malmlov, told the Pioneer Press during a conference call with reporters. "We want to make sure we are accurately de-duplicating those applications. We want to make sure the information we report out is as accurate as possible."


Many users reported glitches with the website, but Todd-Malmlov told the Pioneer Press many of those issues are now fixed.