Wishes and resolutions

We hope next semester brings more exciting topics and better discussions than ever.

The semester is finally ending, and it’s time for another winter break. For most undergraduate students that means almost a whole month with little to do except enjoy the holidays, maybe visit family and perhaps work in preparation for spring semester. But in preparation for the next term at the University, we would like to offer a wish list of things to change – some New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, the University and our peers.

In our own debate forum, we would like to increase policy debates while decreasing the use of words “liberal” and “conservative.” We would like to broaden our perspectives to address issues important to more University students. We will strive to make every topic – be it local, statewide, national or international – relevant to our readers.

At the University, we want to see the Minnesota Student Association live up to its claim that it is not an ineffective, partisan body. We want students to write to their state legislators insisting they support funding for the University instead of forcing our tuition bills through the roof. We want students to push for a realistic on-campus stadium goal that does not compromise the University’s academics.

As Minnesotans, we would like to see drivers remember how to handle their cars in the rain, snow and, yes, ice. It is possible. We would like to see increased light rail ridership – students too – and push for its expansion. We would like all of us blue-state voters to shake hands or go out for a drink with a red-state voter.

We also challenge students everywhere to read a national newspaper – even one online – once a day, so that the next time someone asks why you voted one way or another, you can tell him or her exactly why. Watch the news rather than “Extreme Makeover” once per week.

We hope, just as every year, that the next semester brings more exciting topics to our table and better discussions than ever before. We also hope every University student stays safe during the break and – with the exception of the lucky ones graduating – returns to join our debates again in January.