The University budget crisis and a stadium solution

Meggie Marrier

Just about every day, I pick up The Minnesota Daily and I read about what University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks is doing to rectify the situation. Students are pushing pennies as far as they can go, having trouble finding summer jobs or even feeling the effects of their parentsâÄô unemployment. Of course, the University is also in a world of hurt financially. HereâÄôs an idea: LetâÄôs get everything we can out of that $288 million stadium and allow the sale of alcohol at University sporting events, to all seat-holders of legal drinking age. Limiting the sale of alcohol to preferred and suite seating is ridiculous and wonâÄôt generate nearly enough revenue to be worth it. Beer and football is a harmonious union thatâÄôs been going strong since the dawn of time. And âÄî newsflash âÄî everyone pregames anyway. LetâÄôs get over it and start making some money for the University. I would rather have the $12.50 fee assessed to my student account each semester go toward eliminating any prospective pay cuts and furloughs rather than to a stadium that goes unused the majority of the year. Meggie Marrier, University undergraduate student