Recent cartoons cross the line

The two recent political cartoons depicting John McCain as a broken and ancient man are, for lack of better words, tasteless and shameful. It is easy to make fun of a person because of age or physical appearance. However, it is also cowardly and low. LetâÄôs not forget how McCain came about his inability to raise his arms above shoulder level. That man endured more in five and a half years than most could endure in 10 lifetimes. Yes, letâÄôs make fun of the fact he canâÄôt raise his arms. Maybe tomorrow we can make fun of amputees. LetâÄôs not forget that the majority of senior citizens would have retired long ago, yet at age 72 McCain continues to work, and wants to work for many more years. Yes, letâÄôs make fun of the fact that he is a senior citizen that still has the drive to work hard. Maybe tomorrow we can make fun of the homeless. We must learn to appreciate the actions and events that have shaped us for who we are. Using them as a ridiculous carnival caricatures only degrades us all. Bryan Axelrod University student-veteran I think the John McCain cartoon you printed on Oct. 8 was in poor taste. I was shocked to see that not only would someone actually draw it, but that you would print it. Regardless of political stance (for the record, IâÄôm a Democrat), the cartoon was completely out of line. How is it funny to make fun of someoneâÄôs disability? Especially when that disability came from protecting your country? Do you make fun of people you see on campus who are disabled? When you see someone who lost a limb in war, do you laugh or mock them? Make fun of what he says, the absurdities of his running mate or his hypocrisy. But, donâÄôt cross the line to where you are mocking the injuries he has sustained from being a POW. Shawn OâÄôDonnell University student