Ventura back in the ring and the limelight

Alex Robinson

Jesse Ventura is back. The former professional wrestler and Minnesota governor is scheduled to host WWE: A RAW Thanksgiving on Monday in Hershey, Penn.

Ventura, who won the highest seat in the state as an independent and served from 1999 to 2003, is also hosting a new television show called Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura where he will travel the country dissecting modern-day conspiracy theories. The show is slotted to air on Dec. 2 on TruTV.

In several previous interviews Ventura has said that he believes that both the 9/11 attacks and the assassination of John F. Kennedy were conspiracies. In 2002 Ventura even flew to Cuba and directly asked Fidel Castro if he was involved with Kennedy’s assassination, according to the Star Tribune.

On Monday, Ventura, nicknamed the The Body during his pro wrestling career, will join a list of past Raw celebrity guest hosts, Shaquille O’Neal, actor Jeremy Piven, television legend Bob Barker, and rock icon Ozzy Osbourne, according to the wrestling organization’s press release.

It is unclear if Ventura will actually wrestle anyone.