Letter to the Editor: Regarding the Climate Action Caucus

I encourage all people to get involved in learning about their personal contributions to climate change.

Letter to the Editor

I encourage all people to get involved in learning about their personal contributions to climate change. 

Climate change is a topic that has become increasingly important. It’s more than the melting of the icebergs, coral bleaching and loss of the ozone layer. It’s the inevitable decline of all life. Though some may prefer to let it be ignored, others feel that it is time to take action. Lately, we have begun to see the youth of our nation taking charge and speaking up about the negative implications that our lifestyles have on the planet. They do so because they are the advocates of their own future. Becoming more engaged in this topic is crucial to the improvement of the planet.

The climate is only reacting to the drivers that are forcing the change. Humans have proven to be the dominating force of that change. Detrimental drivers of this change derive from traveling, burning fossil fuels for electricity, deforestation and more. According to data supported by climate.nasa.gov, the current levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the world are at just over 400 parts per million. This a dramatic increase from the 300 ppm that was previously recorded in the 1950s. Many scientists agree that the likeliness of that change is due to innovation through human activity.

The Minnesota Daily Article titled “House DFL lawmakers form Climate Action Caucus” addresses that “A vote last session, in which 50 House Republicans declared their denial that humans cause climate change, was a wake-up call, he said.” If this is the case, only a slim portion of the driving force is listening. Given that humans are mass contributors of climate change, it is progressively necessary for us to become aware of the issue and put forth policies to combat the matter. 

Briana Odell studies philosophy at the University of Minnesota.

This letter to the editor has been lightly edited for style and clarity.