The U needs you

Fight rising tuition on “Support the U Day.”

Every year, the Minnesota Student Association through the Legislative Affairs Committee organizes âÄúSupport the U DayâÄù at the state Capitol.
The âÄúRally to Restore AffordabilityâÄù is a day for student action, a chance to voice concern, an opportunity to hear some great speakers and grab some free food.
It is unfortunate that for the first time in history, the University will rely on more funding from tuition than it does from the state.
These crucial decisions are made without our input and without our consent. WeâÄôre not courted during elections because we donâÄôt turn out, and weâÄôre not counted during budget years because we wonâÄôt raise our voices. We all pay tuition, and it will skyrocket if the state doesnâÄôt step up and meet its obligations. We canâÄôt send that message if you are not there.
On Feb. 22, students from across the state will converge on the Capitol once again and lobby their legislators for a few basic privileges theyâÄôve worked hard to secure. They will travel on buses from as far away as Crookston, Minn., and as close as Coffman Union in order to attempt something that weâÄôve tried every year before but that we need now more than ever.
In yesterdayâÄôs article about the rally, it was mistakenly stated that the event counts as an excused absence.
Unfortunately, that isnâÄôt the case. Nevertheless, I urge all professors to excuse their students and, if they feel so inclined, to stand next to them in the Rotunda next Tuesday.
I hope every student can make it to the Capitol next Tuesday. Transportation is provided, and free food will be served.
I ask, in exchange, that you lend yourself for a few hours to a cause that affects each and every one of us. I hope to see you there, and I promise it will be worth your while.
For more information, visit, or to register for the event, go to