Letter: Importance of local government and voting

Local government is often overshadowed by the big national elections. Of course, we’ve all heard that voting on a national level is important, but what about voting locally? 

Cities, states and the overarching country have very different intersecting policies. For example, Minneapolis has implemented a $15/hour minimum wage. In Minnesota, it’s generally $7.75/hour, and nationally, $7.25/hour. So yes, this affects you on a local level. 

Maybe you’re fed up with the lack of affordable housing, have concerns about policing or public safety or would like some changes made to the bus routes you have to take every morning. Regardless of what you have to say, you have a voice in local government, and your vote is louder on this smaller scale. Election Day is coming up on Nov. 7. 

We’re all familiar with procrastination, but luckily, you can still register to vote the day of the election; simply go to your polling place (you can find your voting location at pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us) and remember to bring a proof of residence, which includes ID with your current name and address, or a photo ID and separate document with your information. For more information, go to vote.minneapolismn.gov. Make your voice heard. Vote local!

This letter has been lightly edited for clarity and style.

The Government and Legislative Affairs team is part of the Minnesota Student Association, the University of Minnesota’s student government. Max Hurst serves as the director of the team.