Students who enli…

April 6,

Students who enlist now for any division of active military service will be given their credits and any seniors will be granted their degrees just as if they had remained throughout the semester: according to a statement made yesterday by University President George E. Vincent.
The administration has put all its resources at the service of the government and is prepared in every way to offer the most generous facilities for enlistment. It wishes to emphasize, however, the opportunities open to students for service in the country without entering into actual field duty.
Board of Regents President Fred B. Snyder said his advice to the average undergraduate would be to continue his usual studies, supplementing them with intensified military drill until the time of need arrives. Other officials agreed in general that this was the most sensible course to follow.
President Vincent issued a statement yesterday setting forth the University’s attitude toward the war. He pointed out the facilities for enlistment offered to faculty members, alumni and undergraduates, and outlined the efforts being made by the various colleges to supply specialized services to the armed forces of the nation.

Gopher Students take High Rank in Marine Exams
That Minnesota students are in better physical condition than other college students throughout the county, and will be able to carry the burden of war, was indicated by the appointments last Saturday of four seniors as lieutenants in the United States marine corps. Men from twenty-eight universities throughout the country took these physical examinations, but only eight were successful. Four of these were from Minnesota.
Carl Wallace and Walter Shelley both passed the examination very high. Frank Strong and Omar Pfeiffer were the others who passed the same examination.
Miss Minnie Patterson to Talk at Red Cross Meeting Saturday Noon
There will be a meeting in the Little Theater of all girls interested in Red Cross work at noon Saturday. Miss Minnie Patterson, who is at the head of the Red Cross branch in this city, will speak.
Girls may sign up for home nursing and first aid classes at the meeting. These classes will both be given on the campus. All girls who intend to join are urged to sign up at the meeting, for classes will begin next week. This work is being done under the auspices of the Women’s Self Government Association.
The Junior Advisers will entertain for their freshmen at a party April 21 in Shevlin Hall.