Women, do a ‘man’s work’

Melissa Shauer

As another female student attending the Institute of Technology, I have this to say regarding one writerâÄôs recent call for The Minnesota Daily to apologize over an âÄúOverheard around campusâÄù sexist comment: Get over it. Yes, some men have absolutely no respect for women in technological fields. Some of my greatest obstacles here at the University of Minnesota have been learning to deal with disrespect from men and staying strong in light of it. However, some of my greatest allies at the University have been men, men I study with, male TAs and male professors who respect me more because I am a woman in what until recently was a manâÄôs field. DonâÄôt ask for an apology. Get out there and help us get rid of the stigma of a woman doing a âÄúmanâÄôs work.âÄù Melissa Shauer University undergraduate student