January rape in dorm first reported since fall

Also, five people were cited for trespassing on campus buildings this weekend.

A 19-year-old University of Minnesota student reported Monday that she was raped in Sanford Hall Jan. 17, according to a police report. This is the first reported rape on campus since September. The incident was an acquaintance rape, meaning the victim was familiar with her attacker, University of Minnesota police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. The woman held off on reporting the incident until Monday because she was concerned about the consequences, such as testifying in court, Miner said. Rape is the one of the most underreported crimes on campus, he said. There is no reason to believe the suspect is a risk to the community, Miner said. Because the litigation is ongoing, Miner would not say if the suspect is in custody. There were six rapes on campus in 2008, four occurring in the month of April alone, according to University police. The six-rape total was the most in at least four years. According to a 2005 Department of Justice crime survey, two-thirds of rape victims are acquaintances with their attacker. The survey also revealed that 60 percent of rapes go unreported.

Trespassing on campus

Security staff at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview told a disruptive patient Friday afternoon that he had two options: leave, or go to jail. Shortly after, University police issued the man a trespassing citation and transported him to Hennepin County Jail. University of Minnesota police issued four trespassing citations and one warning last weekend in five different University buildings. A 38-year-old homeless man was issued a trespass warning and removed from the Law School Friday evening after University police found him âÄúlurkingâÄù near a table containing 100 box lunches made for a University event, according to a police report. Officers also took a 27-year-old Hopkins man from Coffman Union to detox Friday after he was found verbally harassing women in the commuter lounge near the Coffman theatre, a police report said. He was also issued a trespass citation. Other people were ejected from Anderson Hall and Wilson Library as well.