Semi-truck crashes into University bus

Chris Vetter

A semi-truck with a flatbed hit a University bus Tuesday morning when it failed to stop at a stop sign at Malcolm Avenue and the Transitway, said Roger Huss of University Parking and Transportation Services.
The driver of the 40-foot bus had finished his route and was headed for a garage near the State Fairgrounds when the collision occurred at 9:15 a.m. Only the driver was on the bus, and no one was injured.
“The truck hit the tail end of the bus, a third of the way back,” Huss said. “It caught the left side of the bus pretty good. It was a good thing no one was on the bus.”
University buses have a good safety record, Huss said.
“This is only the fifth accident in the last 16 months,” he said. “At no time has the bus driver been at fault.”
In other police news:
ù University Police stopped Michael Banks, 31, as he was leaving a women’s restroom May 31. He was cited with disorderly conduct. A female graduate student, 35, noticed Banks peering at her over a stall wall in the bathroom, according to the police report. She left the bathroom and reported the incident to University Police. Banks is not a University student.
ù University Police responded to a bomb threat Thursday in Smith Hall. An answering machine in the building recorded a phone threat, according to the police report. Officers searched all floors of the building and found no evidence of a bomb.
ù University Police removed a man from a University library June 2 after a female Institute of Technology senior reported the man masturbating on the first floor. Police issued the man a citation but he was not arrested.
ù A table was thrown out a window of Sanford Hall on June 5. Police are investigating the incident.
ù A trash container fire was reported June 4 at Smith Hall.
ù Bulletin boards in both Smith Hall and Walter Library were set on fire at 1 a.m. June 4, according to a police report. All the paper on the boards was destroyed.
ù A kiosk in front of Walter Library was set on fire Thursday, according to the police report.
ù An officer stopped a University student Thursday after the officer saw a burning object fall from the Washington Street Bridge. The student told the officer that he set fire to his calculus final exam, then threw it off the bridge. No charges were filed.