Best free local instrumental albums to study to

by Patrick Maloney

1. You want to listen to music while studying, but are distracted by words
2. You like local musicians
3. You are poor

If any of the above are true for you, then I’ve got a treat. I compiled the best local, free, instrumental albums and stuck ‘em right here for your listening pleasure.

Paper Tiger “Beat Tape

To promote his latest record, Summer EP, Doomtree producer Paper Tiger put out a free beat tape. The catch? There is none. The beat tape is just as good as the EP. That might have been a mistake on Paper Tiger’s part, because the EP is a scant six tracks for a hefty six dollars, and the beat tape is 15 for free. Guess which one I recommend.

2. Jeremy Messersmith, “Paper Moon

Local indie-pop’s golden child, Jeremy Messersmith, is known for the masterful storytelling in his lyrics. This album has none of that. Instead, it contains extremely sparse and airy vocals repeating simple phrases like “I wish you were my boyfriend/ I wish you were my girlfriend,” throughout the entirety of the songs. Although the album won’t be topping the Current’s chart show any time soon, it’s definitely worth the free download. The truly great thing about the album, though, is that if you put both it and Paper Tiger's release in your iTunes, you can just seach for "paper" and they'll both come up. Couldn't have planned it better myself.

Audio Perm, “Audio Perm in Full Effect
Local producer crew Audio Perm offers a solid 32 track beat tape with “Audio Perm in Full Effect”. Whether you’re head-nodding out to the sporadic beats of Cory Grindberg, the jazzier Julian Fairbanks, or the soul-driven Taylor Madrigal, you’re can trust that your ear-sockets are in good hands.