The Dinkydome letters

The Dinkydome has neither been pleasant nor accommodating as of late. Dust sometimes consumes the air and then plants on the tables. The shell of Arax Armenian Cuisine haunts the commons. It has been cold and dark, and only last Wednesday has there been any effort to ameliorate those conditions. Things havenâÄôt much changed since the last time anyone has written about it. Doran Construction makes feigned strides to placate the Dinkydome. But truly, Kelly Doran cannot care about them. They are anthills where there is money in sight âÄî and in this recession, itâÄôs only disheartening that Doran should displace the present businesses. But hey, itâÄôs only the cost of progress, right? As I was going into Espresso 22 the other day, I encountered the owner. His first words: âÄúGood, IâÄôve been looking for you.âÄù He gave me some letters from professors written in complaint. These letters provide insights into how the construction has hurt one business in the Dinkydome. The professors approved the use of the letters, which are edited for space. This is to attest that one day in late September, I went to Espresso 22 in the Dinkydome to buy coffee and a sandwich. There was construction going on at the other side of the dining area, but the noise (sawing, drilling and other power-tool use) was so loud I couldnâÄôt make my order heard. Instead I just bought the coffee and left. Juliette Cherbuliez associate professor For almost a year I have enjoyed the good food and fine service of Espresso 22. You have the best turkey sandwich in the area, your coffee is strong and your conversation always improves my day âĦ I have noticed that construction within the [Dinkydome] during late morning and early afternoon has caused a lot of noise that bothers me and your other customers. Although construction is an everyday reality, such noise during peak business hours ruins the inviting atmosphere that makes Espresso 22 such a welcoming place to meet âĦ I trust this letter will reassure you that your food, drink and service remain excellent but that [Dinkydome] conditions threaten the safety and comfort of your devoted customers âĦ Looking forward to my next turkey sandwich. Angelo Volpe lecturer As you know well, over the years I have been a very faithful customer of âĦ Espresso 22. I have stopped by for coffee and for lunch as often as four times a week âĦ I have used your coffee shop regularly to have meetings with students as well as with colleagues, since at times itâÄôs much more pleasant âĦ than in our offices. It truly saddens me, hence, to have to inform you that, unfortunately, I can no longer patronize your establishment. During the last few weeks âĦ the Dinkydome has become very unpleasant. The deafening noise, the accumulation of dust, the trash left on the floor of the building for days on end âĦ I am very sorry to see you lose clients this way. But I canâÄôt blame myself or anybody else for wanting to spend their lunches in a quiet, clean, welcoming place. The whole Dinkydome is no longer such a place, I am afraid. Cesare Casarino associate professor Matt Grimley welcomes comments at [email protected]