Political science senior leaves longtime role in student gov’t

Student Senate did not re-elect Aaron Carlson.

Jenna Wilcox

Aaron Carlson, former Student Senate chairman, is letting go of student government after three years since he lost the chairmanship election to sophomore Adam Matula.

Carlson, who had been both the Student Senate and Student Senate Consultative Committee chairman last year, applied for re-election.

A failure to reach the required attendance during the final Student Senate meeting last year forced senators into an email vote over the summer to determine the next chairperson. Carlson received an email over the summer notifying him of his loss to Matula.

But Matula wasnâÄôt necessarily looking to be the Student Senate chairman.

âÄúWhen we hold elections for positions we tend to have only one person apply,âÄù Matula said. âÄúI wanted to run to make it more competitive so there was an option.âÄù

When Matula was notified that he was elected as the new Student Senate chairman he said he was really excited for the opportunity to represent students and get involved in the University of Minnesota.

For Carlson, however, the news meant the end of his political career on campus. After being on the community council for his residence hall during his freshman year, Carlson was a member of the Minnesota Student AssociationâÄôs Executive Council and representative for the Student Senate. He stepped in as chairman of the senate last year.

Though he was no longer chairman, Carlson retained his position as a student senator. Last week he decided to resign from his position on senate.

âÄúI didnâÄôt want to be the guy in the back of the room who would comment here and there on decisions [Matula] was trying to make,âÄù he said.

This year will be the first time the political science major is not involved in student government since his freshman year.

âÄúItâÄôs a lot of work to be in student government,âÄù Carlson said. âÄúIt weighs on you because there are heavy issues that you have to be involved with. ItâÄôs something that IâÄôm tired of doing.âÄù