Dining service hungry for answers to missing cash

Tom Lopez

Police are currently investigating the March disappearance of $1,890 from Sanford Hall Dining Services.
“We’re trying to find the location of the money and we are employing the University Police Department to assist us in that process,” said Norm Goranowski, the fiscal officer for Housing and Food Services.
“It’s part of our policy that when we have an amount of money unaccounted for we make a filing with the police department.”
Members of the department had been searching for the money on their own until last week when they contacted police.
Food service at the residence hall has two regular couriers who make pick-ups: an interdepartmental courier who transports documents and a Brinks security courier who picks up money from a drop-safe. Goranowski said the Manilla envelope containing the missing money was accidentally placed in the department courier’s pick-up area.
That was the last point at which the money was accounted for.
“I have not gotten verification that the courier did, in fact, pick it up,” Goranowski said.
If the money was picked up by the departmental courier, he said the envelope would go to the central food service office. If that’s the case, Goranowski said the money would eventually be recovered.
“That wouldn’t be a problem,” he said. “They’re part of our overall organization.”
However, Goranowski said the money might have been stolen.
“Until we find the money we are not ruling it out,” he said.
Even if the money was picked up by the departmental courier it still might have been stolen, since Goranowski said the envelope drop site is not secured.
University police are investigating a variety of other incidents on campus as well.

ù University Police made an arrest Sunday night for a narcotics violation and possession of drug paraphernalia after finding what they suspect to be crack cocaine in a car.
The officers observed suspicious behavior in a vehicle driven by Daniel Babin, a resident of St. Paul. According to the police report, they then ran a check on the vehicle, which revealed Babin was driving with a suspended license.
Police then conducted a property inventory search during which a substance suspected of being crack cocaine was found.
After police arrested Babin, a search revealed a crack pipe in his sock.
Babin was booked at the Hennepin County jail. The car was impounded.

ù A car break-in Friday afternoon cost a University orthopedic surgeon $1,300 worth of golf clubs.
Dr. Kirkham Wood’s car was parked in the East River Road Ramp when a thief smashed the right rear passenger side window and made off with the clubs.
“Over many years I know a lot of people have had incidents of vehicular damage,” Wood said. “I think it’s a problem at most of these ramps, and I don’t think this one is an exception.”
Wood said he usually kept the clubs in the backseat of his car during the summer, a practice he said he will not continue. “I just won’t keep valuable things in the car,” he said.
However, he said he was surprised at the theft, since it happened in broad daylight and the car was parked next to the road.
Wood added that he believes golf clubs are unconventional items to be stolen.
“I was curious as to what people would do walking around with golf clubs,” he said.
It is a question that is especially interesting, Wood said, because his car was parked on a contract-only level of the ramp, so it’s possible the thief had a parking permit.
“It’s also a possibility that they were able to hustle it over the edge (of the ramp) and into a waiting vehicle,” he said.