College GOP chair: vote for Schwanke

Ben Schwanke will do the best job of representing State Senate District 59.

At the Minnesota DailyâÄôs Senate District 59 Candidate Forum, there were two clear choices: the liberal candidates vying for the DFL endorsement or the GOP endorsed candidate, Ben Schwanke. As all of the candidates fought about who could best grow government, Schwanke stood out as the only one who seemed to really understand the spending problem our state faces.

This election is about students. Schwanke understands the needs of students because he is one. Students make up 35 to 40 percent of the district. Education costs are high. Schwanke knows this because he is currently living through this, which makes electing him important. He will work to bring down the cost of higher education by reforming the way the University of Minnesota spends the money it gets from the state.

Administration costs at the University are the second highest of the Big 10 schools. This needs to change. Tuition money should be used to help the students, not to continually grow school administration costs as educational quality continues to underperform.

The DFL candidates were full of ideas, but they all involved increasing the size and scope of government. In Minnesota, the burden on taxpayers is high enough; no wonder we are not bringing in new jobs. Raising taxes does not make sense.

None of the liberal candidates seemed to grasp the concept that we cannot tax and spend our way to prosperity. If we are going to get Minnesota back on track, we must vote against policies that will only make things worse.

Ben Schwanke is the right choice in this election. His common-sense ideas will help college students at the University and make our state a better place.

 Please join me and support Ben in the 59th State Senate district general election Jan. 10, 2012.