Susan Gaernter

With four years experience as the Ramsey County attorney, Susan Gaertner points to her proven track record as the reason voters should return her to office.
If re-elected, Gaertner said she would continue to make improvements on the issues she focused on during her last term. These issues include criminal gun prosecution, an anti-truancy intervention program and child support enforcement.
“I have made tough prosecution of gun offenses one of the top priorities of my administration,” Gaertner said, adding that they have a strict policy that restricts plea negotiations.
Criminals in Ramsey County are 50 percent more likely to go to prison than in Hennepin County, she said.
“Students on the St. Paul Campus, just like anyone, need to feel secure as they move about and do their business,” Gaertner said, adding that Ramsey County is currently much safer than Hennepin County.
Gaertner said she also improved high school and middle school attendance through a truancy intervention program. She said she has focused on truancy because it is a strong indication of criminal activity in the future.
If re-elected, Gaertner said she would expand the intervention program into the elementary schools.
Gaertner, a graduate from the University Law School, served as an assistant county attorney for a decade before winning the county attorney’s seat in 1994. She is endorsed by the Ramsey County Women’s Political Caucus.