Near-campus crime down over weekend

Increased police presence and inclement weather may have discouraged illegal behavior, police said.

Ian Larson

University of Minnesota police ejected 11 people from TCF Bank Stadium during the homecoming game Saturday, but overall, the number of ejections was lower than expected, police said. 11 people received alcohol-related citations, including consuming alcohol in public and minor consumption of alcohol. That number is higher than the first two home games but lower than the Oct. 3 game against Wisconsin, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. The new anonymous text message alert system for fans at the stadium was of little value during its debut, Miner said. The system encourages fans to report anyone they think is a âÄúknucklehead.âÄù The only message the Department of Central Security received wasnâÄôt about rowdy behavior but instead criticized the GophersâÄô coaching staff, Miner said. While some expected homecoming would signal a repeat of AprilâÄôs Spring Jam riots, Enhanced Police Coverage, a partnership with Minneapolis police in near-campus areas, resulted in only 15 alcohol citations by University police during the weekend. Minneapolis officials were not available for comment. Miner attributed some of the decrease in crime to Enhanced Police Coverage as well as an increased presence of normal Minneapolis patrols. The blustery weather may also have been a factor, he said. Police expect large crowds again for the next home football game on Halloween night. Drugs, alcohol found in car University of Minnesota police found an open bottle of rum, a bag of marijuana and a marijuana pipe in a vehicle they stopped when they spotted a man driving the wrong direction down University Avenue early Sunday morning, according to a police report. Police approached the car and found a 19-year-old Spring Grove man with a GPS receiver and cell phone in his lap; the car smelled faintly of alcohol, and police spotted an open bottle of rum in the back seat, according to the report. The officers removed the suspect from the vehicle for a breathalyzer. The man passed the test, but as police searched him, they found a plastic bag with more than 10 grams of marijuana in the manâÄôs jacket pocket, according to the report. The suspect claimed that he was holding the marijuana for âÄúsomeone he did not identify,âÄù according to the report. Police cited him for driving the wrong direction on a one-way road, possession of marijuana in a vehicle and having an open bottle of liquor in a vehicle. Police also tested the sobriety of a passenger and searched the passenger seat of the vehicle, finding a marijuana pipe in the door. They cited a 19-year-old woman with possession of drug paraphernalia and released the two suspects, according to the report.