Alleged domestic assault on U campus

In an unusual occurrence, a domestic abuse incident was reported near the University of Minnesota Superblock late Tuesday. According to a University Police Department report, a phone call from an unknown person was received at 11:04 p.m. regarding an alleged domestic dispute in the parking lot between Centennial and Pioneer Halls near Harvard Street, across the street from the University Medical Center, Fairview. Witness Roby Kuderko , a first-year student, said he was walking by the parking lot while talking on his phone when he saw the alleged male assaulter, 30, push down and yell at the alleged female victim, 26. Kuderko said he asked several friends to come help him stop any further violence. âÄúOnce we had circled the area, then he had stopped doing anything physical,âÄù Kuderko said. âÄúThen it was more verbal abuse.âÄù Officer Kevin Randolph responded to the report of domestic abuse in progress, but was unavailable for comment. University Police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said it is unusual for domestic incidents such as this one to occur near the residence halls on campus. âÄúThe individuals are not affiliated with the University,âÄù he said. Kuderko said the alleged victim appeared to be on her way to work. She was wearing hospital scrubs and told police she wasnâÄôt going to make it to her job. A child was also present at the incident , Kuderkdo said. After the suspect struck the alleged victim, the 3-year-old child, who is also listed as a victim in the police report, let himself out of the car. âÄúThe kid was yelling for his mom, and yelling at his dad,âÄù Kuderko said. Aurora Center Associate Director Roberta Gibbons said most perpetrators in an abusive relationship do not act out in public. âÄúIf that kind of abuse is happening in public, and someone is comfortable enough to beat up their partner in public, you can be pretty sure they are pretty comfortable beating up their partner in private as well,âÄù Gibbons said. The suspect was booked at Hennepin County Jail shortly after the incident without bail . He is being held on suspected charges of 5th degree domestic assault and a violation of a domestic no contact order, according to the report. Both are misdemeanors. He will be charged or released by Friday.