NCAA disallows six flavors of vitaminwater

by Andrew Cummins

There are 15 flavors of vitaminwater, but 6 could get a student-athlete in trouble with the NCAA.

The flavors are not allowed because they either include banned or impermissible ingredients like caffeine. This isn’t exactly breaking news, but rather just an interesting thing I came across on the NCAA’s Health and Safety site that I thought I’d share with you folks. 

"The NCAA bans caffeine because it is found to be a performance enhancer, and because of concern about the effects of stimulant use during intense exercise," the site says.

For those that are uber-curious like myself, here’s a list of the banned flavors:

– power-c dragonfruit, energy tropical citrus, b-relaxed jackfruit-guava, rescue green tea, balance cran-grapefruit, vital-t lemon tea-rooibos. 

Off topic: those are some of the lamest product names that one could come up with. 

Here’s a full list of banned substances.