Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martin killing

John Hageman

 A special prosecutor plans to charge George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in late February, according to the Washington Post.

It's not clear what charges he will face.

Zimmerman was never charged in the shooting of Martin, who was unarmed, partially because of Florida's "stand your ground" law. The lack of charges led to protests nationwide and a debate over race and self defense.

Some say the killing was racially-motivated. Martin was black and Zimmerman's father was white and his mother was Hispanic.

The news comes one day after Zimmerman's former attorneys said they no longer represented Zimmerman because he had not contacted them since Sunday. Zimmerman also contacted the special prosecutor Angela Corey against their advice, the lawyers said.

But his lawyers stand by the claim that Zimmerman was acting in self defense.