Daily Digest: Four Loko, Winona State shooting, MN millionaires, lawn signs

by Taryn Wobbema

Here’s your Monday (just-after-noon) Daily Digest:

Ever heard of Four Loko? It’s a 23.5-ounce energy drink with 12 percent alcohol. Washington Post higher ed blogger Jenna Johnson wrote today that a college in New Jersey has banned caffeinated alcoholic beverages after nearly two dozen students were hospitalized for “alcohol-related problems.” The post cites Inside Higher Ed, which stated, “one can of Four Loko is the equivalent of drinking ‘three beers, a can of Red Bull and a large espresso.’” To quote a Facebook testimony about Four Loko, “1 & I was done…walked around for 2hrs with NO RECOLLECTION of that night!!!!”

Security at Winona State University has “intensified” after two students were shot Saturday night. Two 19-year-old women were shot – one in the leg, one in the abdomen – at a home off campus in southeastern Minnesota, the Star Tribune reported. Police suspect the shooter was a college-aged man, but he hasn’t been apprehended. The three people were reportedly arguing, but otherwise no reason for the shooting has been reported.

Before Bill Gates dared billionaires to give more of their money away this year, Minnesota’s One Percent Club was recruiting millionaires to give away 1 percent of their net worth each year. The Star Tribune reported that the club, which has attracted about 1,000 members since 1997, is looking for “younger, more tech-savvy partners.” Right now member activity seems to be dwindling – about 80 people were counted at the last annual meeting – so the club has partnered with Social Venture Partners, a local organization that connects philanthropists with “high performing charities.” The goal: show people that generosity has made Minnesota a leader in areas like the arts, education and health.

MPR’s Bob Collins is wondering if lawn signs are effective campaign tools. Maybe reading the same name over and over helps candidates win votes from people who don’t pay much attention to the more obscure campaigns?