Dinkytown one step closer to historic status

by Elizabeth Smith

Dinkytown could be declared a historic district by the end of the summer.

At a public hearing Tuesday, the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation commissioners unanimously voted to approve a staff report, which called for about 30 buildings to be included in a Dinkytown historic district.

However, the vote is only a recommendation and it will go before city council in July, according to MinnPost.

When determining whether an area is historic, the HPC looks at seven criteria that incorporate its historical, cultural, architectural and engineering significance. To be considered historic, an area only needs to meet one. Dinkytown met five, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The designation is supported by the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association but an opponent of the status, the Dinkytown Business Alliance fears it could make making changes to their properties very difficult.  

If city council approves the designation, according to MinnPost, city staffers will develop design guidelines for how buildings in the district can be updated.