U wrestling coach put on leave

Amid allegations of prescription drug issues on the University of Minnesota’s wrestling team, J Robinson was put on paid administrative leave Wednesday.

Jack White

University of Minnesota wrestling head coach J Robinson has been put on paid administrative leave, athletics director Mark Coyle announced Wednesday.

Coyle’s announcement follows allegations that members of his team were abusing and selling the prescription drug Xanax, and that Robinson sought to quietly resolve any illegal drug use or distribution internally. Robinson’s agent denied these claims in a statement Monday.  

Meanwhile, the University announced an internal investigation of “students and staff” Tuesday while the University of Minnesota Police Department completes its own investigation of the allegations.

“I met with coach Robinson this morning and we put him on paid administrative leave while we do our investigation,” Coyle said. “The University of Minnesota police department was conducting an investigation. It’s my understanding late last week they informed the University that they could do their investigation, and that’s being handled by the Office of [the] General Counsel.”

The Star Tribune reported Wednesday that Robinson’s house was searched by law enforcement, and that his personal computer is being searched as part of UMPD’s investigation.

Coyle said he was informed of the accusations in the wrestling program after he was named the new athletics director.

“I did not know the details when I took the job but obviously I brought up to speed quickly and the investigation is just starting and I’m going to keep it at that,” he said.