Senate race close…

Mike Rose

…but not quite this close (at least not yet). Here’s what I found for the closest race in U.S. Senate history:

A 1974 battle between Republican Louis Wyman and Democrat John Durkin ended with a 355-vote victory for Wyman.

Then came the recount, which actually gave Durkin the edge–by 10 votes. Another recount gave the victory back to Wyman. Following all this madness, the case went first to the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, then to the whole Senate. Neither were able to resolve the case, so the candidates agreed on a brand new election.

This vote was held in September of 1975–nearly a full year after the two first faced off. The race was put to rest when Durkin won by 27,000 votes. (Information courtesy of Senate Historical Office)

Time will tell if Franken v. Coleman comes close to this. If you know of any other super-close races, feel free to post them here.

And keep up to date on the latest vote count in the Minnesota Senate race here in Filed Under Politics. P.S. This year’s presidential race wasn’t very close, but here’s a (aka the History Channel) list of some that were close…very close, in fact. Mike Rose City editor