New Immigration Law in Arizona “Unwelcome” Foreigners

        The Supreme Court granted Arizona state law enforment officers the right to impose tough anti-immigration measures, under which, whether it is legal or not for foreigners to stay in the U.S. will remain to be seen by officers.

        However, the Obama administration challeged the legitimacy of parts of the law because they went against the federal immigration laws and policies. This same excuse of illegitimacy also reflected by the decision made by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuits, in San Francisco in April.

        Under the new immgration law in Arizona, Arizona state law enforcement officials have the right to determine the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest if they have reason to believe the immigration status of that individual is illegal. Additionally, aliens who failed to register their immigration status in Arizona will also run the risks of breaking state criminal law.

        More than that, if foreigners try to work in the U.S., they would better check their immigration status first because the strict new immigration law will impose civial monetary penalties to workers if they are marked as illegal immigrants.

        Another new provision allows the police to arrest people without warrants if they have resonable reasons to believe that foreigners have done things that should have put them in the list of being desported under federal law.

        These immigration provisions in Arizona might make the state as a place which marked as “foreigners unwelcoming place.”