University opts out of Big Ten Network telecast

The Minnesota Daily reported that the University has opted not to participate in a political discussion on the Big Ten Network due to the required cost to participate. In an event titled âÄúBig Ten Battleground: Campaign 2008,âÄù Big Ten schools were invited to participate in a political discussion which would analyze political opinions throughout the area of the Big Ten Conference. To participate, each school had to pay $25,000. University Spokesman Dan Wolter said that the cost was too high for the University to participate. We feel the University has made a wrong choice by not participating in the broadcast event. Wolter went on to cite the University hosting âÄúhigh profileâÄù events during the Republican National Convention as the other reason for not participating. Besides a few panels at the Humphrey Institute and a visit by Joe Lieberman, the University was notably absent from the RNC festivities. Interesting enough, the University just started a $460,000 advertising campaign to âÄúcreate buzzâÄù for the new stadium, slated to run through December. With the University throwing $460,000 out of the central fund at an advertising campaign with such a questionable focus, the University should have participated in the Big Ten political discussion which probably will be more productive and strategic. We urge the University to participate in future Big Ten Network educational functions. With the Big Ten Network now carried by 95 percent of the media outlets in Minnesota, it is a prime method for the University to reach out to greater Minnesota while stilling appeasing to the metro area. And with rival universities such as the University of Wisconsin taking lead in the productions, the University cannot afford to have an empty seat any longer.