Derek Shemon and Ja…

Derek Shemon and Jason Strid took on the campaign slogan, “We are the Revolution,” to illustrate that their candidacy reflects a change in the way the University’s student government functions.
Both say they would deal more directly with the administration by talking with University President-elect Mark Yudof and other officials. This practice, they say, is essential to making MSA effective for the student body.
The pair entered the race without any previous experience in MSA, filing on the last possible day and missing out on the chance to receive three of the four early major endorsements. But the two say their lack of experience actually benefits their candidacy by enabling them to better relate to the average student. The two also said they intentionally avoided endorsement meetings.
“We didn’t ask for the endorsement of any group or any platform, because we don’t feel that’s what MSA is all about,” Shemon said.
Shemon also made an unconventional campaign promise when he vowed to give up the stipend of about $2,000 per quarter for taking on the MSA presidency. Strid said he would also give up his stipend, which is slightly less than the president’s.
Shemon is a sophomore in the College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences with a major in applied economics. Strid is a sophomore in the Institute of Technology, majoring in chemical engineering.