Electronics stolen from two campus buildings Thursday

Security cameras captured images of the three suspects early last Thursday.

by Jessica Hart

Two University of Minnesota buildings were burglarized early last Thursday by three suspects who were recorded on campus cameras.

The suspects allegedly broke into Pioneer Hall and the Education Sciences Building and stole various electronics, including some Apple iPads, said University of Minnesota Police Department Deputy Chief Chuck Miner.

He said it’s unclear how the suspects got into the buildings, but there were prior marks on the buildings.

UMPD shared video-camera images of the suspects on Twitter and Facebook with little additional information.

“We did have a crime lab respond and collect some evidence, and we’ll be working with them on the processing of the evidence and see what new information that provides,” Miner said.

There were no reported interactions with others during the break-ins on campus, and it’s unclear if any security guards were present at the times of the intrusions, he said.

Though police are looking into why these buildings were specifically targeted, Miner said the suspects may have been looking for unoccupied buildings.