Morris campus could get two new wind turbines

A plan will be presented to the Board of Regents Oct. 8 regarding the installation of two wind turbines on the University of Minnesota Morris campus.

Carter Haaland

A plan for the installation of two new wind turbines on the Morris campus, which will cost the University of Minnesota an estimated $5.6 million, will be presented to the Board of Regents on Oct. 8. The plan is part of the Morris campusâÄô goal to develop more âÄúsustainable and renewable energy generating assets,âÄù according to the proposal. The turbines will also allow new revenue streams to be tapped. Any excess energy generated by the turbines not used by the campus would be sold to the Otter Tail Power Company. If the plan is approved, the Morris campus will soon be home to three turbines. The campus installed its first turbine in 2005.