University of Minnesota Foundation officials refuse bonuses

Geoffrey Ziezulewicz

The University of Minnesota Foundation’s top administrators have refused their end-of-campaign bonuses, said Don Wright, outgoing chairman of the foundation’s board.

Foundation president and CEO Jerry Fischer did not accept his $125,000 bonus for successful completion of Campaign Minnesota, the University’s seven-year, $1.6 billion fund-raising effort. Judy Kirk, the foundation’s campaign director, also refused her $101,000 bonus, Wright said.

The bonuses were based on fund-raising results and staying with the foundation through the end of the campaign, Wright said. Fischer and Kirk accepted similar bonus amounts for their work in 2002-03.

Wright said Fischer and Kirk refused the bonuses because the University’s state funding was cut.

“They understood very well what the University is going through with all the financial difficulties,” he said. “They wanted to help.”