Rain, police subdue Spring Jam events

At least one person was arrested at the Riverbend Plaza.

Nickalas Tabbert


A damp, cool night at the University of Minnesota kept partygoers in check after Spring Jam concerts.

Rain throughout Saturday night had many taking shelter in Coffman Union between sets and quickly leaving Riverbend Plaza after the headline performance.

The concert itself drew an energetic and responsive crowd, but unlike Thursday, the swarm of people occupying two-thirds of the plaza did not stick around after New Boyz.

Luke Huck, one of the University police officers patrolling the event, said he expected a quiet night because of the number of officers present.

“We’ve taken so many precautions,” he said. “We prepare for the worst, and if nothing happens, that’s great.”

Event security attempted to restrict traffic flow in and out of the plaza while checking bags, but by the end of the night, many students simply climbed over the fence to get into the show.

Security also enforced the event’s no-alcohol policy, kicking out those who were caught drinking. At least one student was arrested after attempting to re-enter the concert three times, a University police officer said. But most disturbances were handled on a case-by-case basis.

Arkeo, the greek self-policing party patrol system, saw similar results. On Friday and Saturday, there were only a few minor party rule infractions by houses, said Kyle Wesen, the program’s executive director. He and Interfraternity Council President Mike Danley shared the responsibility of patrolling 21 parties between Friday and Saturday.

“I knew a lot of people stepped up in terms of risk management and took it a lot more seriously because it was Spring Jam,” Wesen said. “I saw multiple groups of random people try and get into houses and then got denied. And that was nice to see because that means houses were being true to their lists.”

Wesen said he and Danley were surprised how well the weekend went.

“I was impressed. It definitely exceeded my expectations,” Wesen said. “I’m excited to see how the rest of the semester goes and how next fall goes.”